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Automotive Adapters was founded in 2018 by Rick Sievers and Kevin First. Rick has been an auto technician for over 30 years and Kevin spent 30 plus years in the insurance industry, between Ricks's first-hand experience seeing how automotive lifts have not properly supported trucks and SUV's and Kevin's experience in hearing the horror stories of back injuries and lift accidents,

injuries and lift accidents, they decided that they should do something to keep themselves and others safer when working on trucks and SUVs. In 2018 Rick and Kevin got together and started looking at current options and designing more versatile options, they discovered that lift manufacturers were offering model-specific adapters that will not work with other makes and models. After designs and re-designs the duo was able to design a few adapters that would safely support and adapt to nearly every make and model of truck and SUV for flip-up style hoist pads.

To learn more or order your own Automotive Adapters call Rick at 319-480-6124 or Kevin at 319-310-2985 and they will be happy to answer all your questions and get the right kits shipped to your shop right away. Or you can order online. Your just a click away

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Anamosa, Iowa 52205



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